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also can we talk about the fact that Clara Oswald doesn’t have to be “tough” to be brave

Like she is crying and shaking and openly admits that she’s terrified

but she still stands her ground and refuses to yield and trusts that the Doctor will come for her

and I just really appreciate showing that kind of strength because that’s not a kind of strength that gets portrayed a lot

Can we also talk about how she had a way out the whole time? But she stayed and waited until she could use it to save the doctor as well, even when she was passing out from holding her breath and didn’t know what would happen to her. Even when her life was threatened. I wasn’t impressed with the episode overall, but Clara Oswald is amazing.

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Fucking hell, why do so many raw fed dog people eschew medicine and science as a whole?

Someone in a group I watch has a dog with what sounds like a small ascess on his face. It popped and drained, and now they’re treating it with colloidal silver.

And I’m not even going to touch the fact…

They’re the same people who don’t vaccinate their kids and never take antibiotics. Either because the body is literally capable of working miracles and we don’t need medication ever, or because there’s a huge conspiracy to kill us/control us though medicines.

Crazy people man. I’m all for alternative medicine for minor stuff because I’m not a fan of paying to go to the doctor for something I can easily take care of at home, but extremists are at the edge of every group. And raw dog food is close to the edge.


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Unfortunately don’t know how capable your mom is mentally at this point, or if she had a lawyer she’s worked with for her will or whatever, but you might want to look into getting power of attorney for her so that you can handle these things in the event she isn’t able to do it for herself. It’s money for the lawyering, but it could save you a ton of trouble down the road if she does hang on.

Have you informed the current leading office of the situation? Someone there might be able to tell you what they do in the event a tenant dies as far as charges incurred by the family for the lease etc. Or it might be in her current lease. I don’t think I’d move her to another apartment…moving is a lot of money and trouble to go to for what might be just a few weeks of living there. Her doctor might be able to advise on what kind of living situation would be best for her at this point as well.

It honestly really sucks that you’re having to deal with all this… What have you heard from her other family? Are they able to help out at all? This seems like the kind of situation where an older relative might make the time for a visit or something.

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Today was one of those days where I couldn’t get anything done because the idea of doing them was paralyzing… And it got progressively worse as the day went on because every hour that passed with no productivity made me feel like more of a failure. I finally managed to wash some dishes and scrape together some dinner, then I was basically a zombie the rest of the night. You know it’s been a bad couple of days when your normally patient husband gently asks you to get your shit together please.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I will get dressed when I get up, I will rest breakfast, I will get Lily back on track with chores, we will make pita bread and have a real lunch and mop up that tea spill from two days ago. It will happen. Or maybe it won’t, and I’ll be a failure for another day.


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I feel like a sort of terrible friend for missing your first couple of posts on this and then being in the middle of stuff when I finally caught one… but as always, whatever you need that I can do will be done! Our money situation is a big fat uggghhhhh right now but if you need a break or want some food we’re always here. And you can message me or whatever to vent etc. of course.

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So my mum was released from the hospital and all, and I was supposed to drive out to help her.

But yesterday I got an e-mail from her saying it felt like a lifetime since we’d last talked (it was like… a day) and saying she was driving?

I haven’t heard from her since.

This is more worrisome than not, frankly.

Definitely go. Sounds like she’s definitely having some issues. Good luck! And let me know if we can help you out with anything.

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